Company Milestones

  • 1992

    Founded FIRST RUBBER


    Relocated to Samutsakorn

  • 2000

    Established Joint Venture AFR


    Founded First Rubber (Shanghai)

  • Early 2012

    Established FIRST RUBBER (Vietnam)

    Late 2012

    Acquired E-Shine Machinery

  • 1992

    Humble Beginnings of First Rubber

    ​​​​​​On September 1st, 1992, FIRST RUBBER was founded in a small, 140 square meter row house tucked in the outskirts of Bangkok by our President and Managing Director. With little capital, some production know-hows, and 6 employees, our founders embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in a foreign country.


    With decades of hard work and perseverance, FIRST RUBBER slowly earned trust and cooperation from many internationally recognized businesses. Through horizontal and vertical integration, FIRST RUBBER, today, has become an important multinational partner for the elastomer industry.

  • 1997

    Establishing the Foundation for Growth

    FIRST RUBBER weathered the toughest first few years of starting a new business, and raised funds to purchase a 732 sq meter plot of land in early 1996. Though our operations were small, our compact “office/factory” production site was complete in every detail. As our sales grew, we expanded our operations by purchasing surrounding land and factories. As of today, our operations in Thailand span over 17,000 sq. meter.

  • 2000

    First International Expansion in Malaysia

    In 1999, FIRST RUBBER started discussing partnership details with our major customer in Malaysia, Cooltec Industries. In 2000, we established Associated First Rubber Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (AFR) to address the Malaysian automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial market needs for quality elastomer parts. Today, AFR has expanded its operations to supply oversea markets and has become an important player in the Malaysian rubber industry.

  • 2007

    Capturing the Chinese Market

    To address the growing demands of the Chinese market, FIRST RUBBER invested to build operations in Songjian district of Shanghai, supplying the fast-growing automotive, motorcycle, and consumer electronic markets. Today, we occupy 12,500 sq. meter of land, producing elastomer sealing solutions to meet the Chinese market.

  • Early 2012

    Fortifying Partnerships with Global Automotive Brand

    Under the invitation from the largest Japanese motorcycle maker, we established operations in Hanoi in 2012 to produce motorcycle rubber parts, and solely supply the aforementioned Japanese automaker. We have since expanded our operations, and developed businesses with other European and American automotive brands.

    Our factory is situated in Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone, occupying 10,000 sq. meter.

  • Late 2012

    Upgrading Elastomer Production Technology through Vertical Integration

    To upgrade our production technology, we acquired our largest injection molding machine supplier, Dong Xiang Machinery in Taiwan, and renamed it as E-Shine Machinery. We are focused on integrating the most cutting edge technology and automation into rubber production equipment, and provide one stop shop for elastomer parts.